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The first news about Isola delle Femmine are dated back to the punic period, when the Cartagin ships navigated through the Mediterranian sea, colonizing the coasts and dealing. From some archaelogical digging it seems that the town of Isola delle Femmine and the little island in front of the coast were colonized from the carthagin ships. In the town, around the 1799, there was only the church (built in the 13rd century) and the building for the tuna net (1176) but at the beginning of the 17th century the town, used to be at the service of the fishermen from Capaci, began to develop progressively till to record a permanent installation in the 1813. Five parallel streets were built in the town: via Mazzini, via Cutino, via Di Maggio, via Roma and via Romeo and two squares: Piazza Umberto I and Piazza XXI Aprile. At the sides of this first Urban group there were others two squares: Piano Levante and Piano Ponente used to unful the nets. In the 1831 the town, called Tonnara (Tuna net) was recognized as autonomy suburb leaded from an elect. Finally, with a decree law dated on June, the 18th 1854, Isola delle Femmine was separed from Capaci and it began a Real town since January the 1st 1855.

Photo Album: Isola delle Femmine Shalom
- A Special Thank to the City Hall and the Pro-Loco of Isola delle Femmine for the Informations -