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The harbor of Isola delle Femmine allow to take refuge to the small boats. Entering into the harbor it is better to stay at the center and pay attention at the depth especially near the piers. The depth is rocky and it is deep from 1 to 3.5 metres. The piers are illuminated and the harbor have small fountain and a chut for the boats. To the left and to the right side of the harbor there are two lamps: one red and one green to help fishermen during the movement in the night. Click to Enlarge

LOCATION: 38° 12' 09" N - 13° 14' 05" E

Early morning, as a centenary rite, fishermen come back from the nightly fishing and unload the boats from the sea fruits in chests, offering the fresh fish to the buyers.

Photo Album: Isola delle Femmine Shalom
- A Special Thank to the City Hall and the Pro-Loco of Isola delle Femmine for the Informations -