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Click to Enlarge The little island called also "Isola delle Femmine" or "Isolotto" was frequented by the punic and roman people. In fact on the island were found some cisterns used to prepare the "Garum" ( a delicious sauce made with entrals of fish and salt) and a lot of anchors of lead under the sea between Isola delle Femmine and Sferracavallo. The floor plain of the tower is square with two cisterns used to gather the rain and the thickness of the walls is more than 2 metres. The tower was built at the end of the 15th century based on a project of the architect Camilliani. In the 1583 during his inspection along the coasts to find a way to defend the land against the pirates, he thought in fact that a tower on the island could be the best way.
In the 1800-1810 to the east side of the little island fishermen used to fish tuna. Click to Enlarge In the period between 1925-1935 the boats were called "Capaciote". They were built in wood of mulberry and pine tree and the sails were "latin" without jibs. Near the coast the depth is flat and clean, in the high sea the depth is sandy or rich of vegetation. The depths of Isola delle Femmine are very riches about the fauna and the flora.

Photo Album: Isola delle Femmine Shalom
- A Special Thank to the City Hall and the Pro-Loco of Isola delle Femmine for the Informations -